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Bold Support Optimisation’s intention is to become the preferred supplier of management boards, lenders and private equity for Corporate Backbone optimisation programs.

Our approach is based on an scan, advise and optimise methodology combined with our seasoned and qualified professionals. This pragmatic approach ensures focus on executing/ implementing our advise, with clear milestones allowing clients’ to monitor the process.

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Holiday blues // Scan // Advise // Optimise

Like most of us, you are probably looking forward to a well-deserved holiday. A time away from the office, to spend with family or friends. Whether it is abroad, or within your own country. You probably already made your holiday plans months ago. The anticipation of looking for a destination, and making the booking, is half the fun. As your holiday draws nearer, your mind will begin to wander off with happy holiday thoughts more and more often. When you’re all set to go, you realise that there’s some practicalities you must take care of first.